Snowstorm Survival Guide, part 2: Tactile Tree

I found this idea all over Pinterest last year and really wanted to try it.  However, I was working full time, and pregnant, and had no inclination to go searching all over the county looking for felt.
It turns out timing is everything, because this year an hour after we discovered that a three-year-old needs to be told, several times, that the real Christmas tree is for looking at, not redecorating, I spied a fabric clearance store just blocks away from our house.  The shop just happened to have yards of green and red felt at half price, and squares of colored felt for 39 cents each.  That’s my kind of price.
Within minutes, the tree was velcro’d to the wall and my daughter was doing her own decorating.  We started with basic shapes traced some of our christmas ornaments to make stars.
 B’s ‘happy tree’
After that we broke out buttons, rick rack and glitter glue, and really went to town.
Not bad, n’est ce pas?
I’m pleased that this activity came at just the right time for B- and next year S will love it too.  Result!
Other fun we’ve discovered with things around the house:
  • Bringing a tray of snow inside so that the (waterproof) toys can play in it too.  Or if you don’t have snow, perhaps a tiny swimming pool?
  • Sugar and colored sprinkles in the tea set make and extra special tea party.  Rookie tip- clarify BEFORE you start that the sugar is for playing, not for eating.

What are your instant entertainment tips?


One thought on “Snowstorm Survival Guide, part 2: Tactile Tree

  1. Hole-punch a whole sheet of paper and make an indoor snowstorm for toys ;-) (vacuums up really easily too!)
    Love your tactile tree :-) the little gingerbread men are totally cute!

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