Snowstorm Survival Guide, Part 1

Decorate the house with what you have in the house

So the afternoon that our seven inches of snow fell, we realized we probably needed to take the forecast seriously.  We did a little inventory and discovered that we have between us:
  • Two pairs of gloves (one adult and one toddler size)
  • Four hats
  • One waterproof coat
  • One pair of wellies (boots)
  • One wind-up flashlight
  • One cellphone to call for help if we needed it
  • Plenty of ice cream and popcorn
I looked like staying inside was the best thing to do.  However, we also have no cable tv and very limited internet.  This meant I needed to get creative quick.
The house was looking sparse and, thankfully, I had stocked up on construction paper and glitter glue at the Dollar Tree (my new favorite place!) earlier in the week.  Who knew there were so many things you can make with what’s in your recycling bin?
Toilet paper rolls
Packing paper
Ribbon from past years
We also discovered that empty boxes wrapped in festive paper make great decorations/desks/stacking toys.
Got any of your own do-it-yourself decorating favorites?
By the way, these are all kid-friendly ideas but there are plenty of more grown-up decorating ideas out there (and I fully intend to try this and this after the girls are sleep.)  Google is our friend!

5 thoughts on “Snowstorm Survival Guide, Part 1

  1. Christmas surprises or Advent calendar – I know I’m late with this one (very bad scanner). You’ll need cardboard rolls, card, sticky tape, glue, treats. 24 rolls for an Advent, or how ever many you like to make your Christmas house. Decorate your rolls or cover them with stickers, stamps etc; put your Christmas treats inside the rolls, maybe sweets, Scripture verse, challenge, nativity pic. Make sure you cover both ends (either with the tissue paper for little hands to push through easily, or with the packing paper, then you can write the Advent numbers on the front). Glue your tubes into rows to make a house. Fold your card in half to make a roof shape, then cut out a triangle shape for the front of the roof and glue together. Stick it on your stack of tubes. You could stick cotton wool on the roof to make it look snowy! xxx

      • A paper plate, black felt tip and orange felt tip, a bit if sliver glitter and a bit of paper to make a snow man paper plate face. Use the paper plate as the face use the black felt tip to draw eyes and black circles for the smile the orange felt tip for a carrot nose and the paper to make a hat for the top then to finish off with some glitter on the snowmans hat xxx

  2. Cut shapes (or intricate pictures, depends how arty you are, we did the kids names by drawing round foam letters then cutting out with a craft knife) out of cardboard and use coloured cellophane (from chocolate wrappers!) to make stained glass pictures.

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