Culture shock is a funny thing.

The past two weeks have been spent visiting my family home in California with my youngest daughter. My husband and older daughter have remained behind in England to await his visa paperwork. It’s strange, being in a place that was once home, but isn’t anymore. Once again I’ve found myself surrounded by unexpected blessing– peace, quiet, and rest. Opportunity to reconnect with family, to be a friend, and to face up to a few of my personal demons. Beautiful drives, warm breezes, endless blue sky. And precious quality time with my little one- which, with a second child, is a rare thing.

But I feel adrift- more myself than I have been in years, yet keenly aware that I’d better not get comfortable because I am not yet in the place where I’m going to end up. Tonight my missing pieces- husband and daughter- arrive. Tomorrow we begin the next leg of the journey. I cannot wait.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. You’re complete now with your family! I’ve felt pretty lost from time to time, but we’re brilliantly malleable as people, aren’t we? The self we know when we’re older is stitched beautifully to our identity within our family. And as John always found his identity in Jesus – ‘the one Jesus loved’, we are the ones our children love, our spouse loves, Jesus loves. No longer adrift Rachel – He’s raised your anchor and you guys are on your way to find out another part of yourselves. Enjoy! xx

  2. I am so pleased the missing pieces of your life are on their way, Glad you have had some time to rest and enjoy your Summer but so excited that you are on the last leg of the exciting journey! Love and prayers for you all. Xxx

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