You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road…


Some good friends of ours recently gave away their car.  Seriously.  The husband/father has recently been offered a job with a company car, and they found that they were rarely using both their family cars anymore.  Meanwhile another close family had, in one unfortunate week, found themselves without a car at all.  So our friends decided to share their abundance- and would not accept a penny for it.

That’s not even the most inspiring part of the story.  We’ve been spending the week with these friends, marvelling at God’s faithfulness because before the fabulous job with the company car was offered, the family had been in a long period of tough decisions and big disappointments.  Things were hard.  An incredible amount of faith was required.

As she was telling me the story of the car, the wife/mother recalled what it was like to be reliant on the help of friends.  She said, ‘It felt awkward to accept, but we knew it was bringing people joy to be able to help.  So, now that we’re able to, why would we deny ourselves the joy of being a blessing to the people we love by accepting payment which we don’t need?’

I am still mulling over these words.  I’m inspired to stretch out my arms and share the things we have in abundance because there is indeed joy in giving.  But I’m also challenged to see dependence in a new light; I’ve written about how I feel about accepting favors, but perhaps when I dwell on my feelings about accepting I make it all about me– and consequently I may be denying someone else the sheer joy that comes from sharing something that whey have in abundance.

Today I am inspired, I am challenged, and I am thankful for a wealth of friends who help me see the world from many angles.  What blessings have you received today?


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