Of Tea Rooms and Highland Cows


While we’re waiting for Uncle Sam to get a move on already process our visa, we had two choices- hang around the in-laws’ and get under foot, or go visit friends and get under foot.  So we decided to take the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to as many folks as we can, and set off on a Farewell Tour.

Our first trip has taken us to Scotland, via Clitheroe and Penrith, where the first aim on my bucket list was to hug a highland cow.  It seemed a reasonable possibility given that the family we’re visiting is surrounded by them- he being an estate manager for a local laird- but I’ve been talked out of it for the time being on the grounds of health & safety.

Instead, she and I have decided to have as many cups of tea and pieces of cake as possible.  Fortunately, this week holds a fantastic local event called Perthshire Open Studios, where participating artists in the area ‘open their doors’-  for some of them, literally their homes- to the public.  Awesome.


A sweet welcome

Our adventures brought us to Primrose Hill Studio which, I’m firmly convinced, is one of the most charming places on earth.  The studio itself was overflowing with handmade and vintage goodness, and for this week the owner and artist, Lisa, had decided to open up her kitchen and host a pop-up tearoom too.


Yes, please!


Sitting in the cozy kitchen, savoring a big wedge of Victoria Sponge with homemade jam, I listened to local community members around the table chat about art, the weather, friendships, family and, of course, Paul Hollywood.  This kitchen was full of beautiful things- cakes, cups and saucers, cookbooks, children’s artwork- but it struck me that this place, like the church we recently visited, was a sacred space, open and available to whatever God may bring.  The gift of hospitality is truly a precious thing.




Happiness is a china teacup and a tiny dessert fork.

Meanwhile, my mind has been reeling with ideas ever since.  A ‘pop-up tearoom’- oh, the possibilities!


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