Want to come with us?


We still continue to get raised eyebrows when we tell people that we’re not shipping our furniture when we move to the US.  I guess that’s the normal thing to do, but to me it seemed kind of pointless.   Shipping is ridiculously expensive these days and, frankly, our stuff just wasn’t worth that much.  But, even more than we wanted to meet our budget goals, I think we really wanted to take the challenge of sifting through the things that were crowding our life and finding out what was really of value.

So far, two weeks into ‘limbo’, we’re really pleased that we did it.  Right now each of us has only one box of clothes- and we’re finding it’s all we really need.  My kids have less toys, but I’ve been amazed to discover how capable they both are- at each of their developmental levels- of creatively entertaining themselves.  We’re having to re-adjust our routines and priorities as we share a house with C’s family, and it’s working for us.  I think that, after several hectic years, we are finding some clarity.

I started blogging just over a month ago to help me do just that- find clarity in the midst of our personal chaos.  Really it was about me recognizing the lessons I learned along the way, and sharing them on the off-chance that they might be encouraging to someone else.  I never really expected anyone to read it- but read it you did.

I’ve been overwhelmed and truly touched by the number of you who have responded and offered encouragement over the last month.  It has been wonderful to hear from friends whom I haven’t seen or heard from in years.  And, though I haven’t always had the time (or coherence) to reply, each one of your comments has made my day.  I’m finding that in leaving stuff behind I’m re-discovering the overwhelming blessing of friendship and family through the many different seasons of our life, and I’m truly grateful.  And it’s been a pleasant surprise to hear from some folks who have been inspired to clear out a little and clarify for themselves- which gave me an idea…

Although we, sadly, can’t pack you in a suitcase and take you with us, you can still come along on the journey.  Go on, clear out a cupboard.  Pass on something you don’t need to someone who does.  Or make a choice that you want to make, not just feel obligated to.  Pray, and take a step out in faith.  I think you might be glad you did.  And if you do, please come back here and tell us about it!  Who knows how much it might encourage somebody else to hear from you.

Thank you all for being a precious part of our lives.  Let’s keep in touch- for real this time!


One thought on “Want to come with us?

  1. Carl and Rachel lovely to meet u on the few occasions we did see each other….
    The Lord bless u and keep u the Lord make His face to shine upon u both and continue to gibe u His peace joy and love!!!!
    Safe travelling mercies to u all God bless

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