Ummm… the dog ate my homework

Once, as a kid, one of my dogs really did eat my homework.  My teacher decided it was so ludicrous that someone would actually use this excuse that I must be telling the truth.  True story.

Anyhoo, it’s been pretty quiet here lately as we are adjusting to life in our new, temporary(ish) situation.  Part of this is because we are indeed filling the space with family time.  Another is because I’m finding it’s far easier to find something to be poetic (or in my case, prosaic) about when you are in turmoil.  I’m sure there’s something deep and meaningful in that which should be explored.  But not today.

Today I felt I should stop and take stock of what I’ve learned so far, to maybe make some sense out of all these musings.  Here’s what I came up with:

Keep calm.

Let go.

Make space.


Welcome blessings and be a blessing.

Enjoy your furniture while you’ve got it.

Drink tea, make pancakes, and take breaks.

Celebrate and celebrate some more.

Remember to love.




2 thoughts on “Ummm… the dog ate my homework

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