Oh the places you’ll go

Embracing the London lifestyle.  Hyde Park.

Embracing the London lifestyle. Hyde Park.

“I hope you’ll come back someday and discover these places for yourself,” I wrote once in the journal I’m keeping of my daughters’ adventures. They’ve had so many already- B has twirled her way through Kensington Palace, taken a boat on the Amstel River, and explored Prague. She’s had hot chocolate in Harrod’s and raised eyebrows in a Jamie Oliver restaurant. It’s important to us that our girls know and embrace their dual heritage, and value the treasures that each of their cultures has to offer.

In the brief, confusing period while we were questioning how to make the decision to up sticks and move to the US- and I was imminently expecting a baby- I came across this Pinterest board (warning- language not entirely for little eyes). It gave a name to a concept I’ve both admired and tried to embrace my whole life: Gohemian. I think this pretty much sums it up:

Just get up and go.

During C’s interviews for the new job, the panel had one question for me: ‘You realize that Missouri is not California, right?’ I think it’s was a very wise question to ask, because if our motive was to get somewhere that is familiar- and let’s face it, that’s probably what a normal mother with two very young children would want- then this isn’t the way to go about it. And while I’ll be closer to the place I call home, we’ll still be in a very different place to the one in which I grew up.

Frankly, I’m excited about that. The city we’re moving to is known as the birthplace of Route 66 and is not far from the Oregon Trail. It hosts a Civil War Battlefield and is the bass fishing capital of the world. It’s in driving distance of the Ozarks. There’s a good chance my girls will go to Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School and I think that’s awesome. And we won’t be without roots- long ago my great Aunt and Uncle helped build a mission in a nearby city which still thrives today. We may get a chance to get to know cousins whom I’ve never met.

So bring it , Missouri. I’m game- let’s see what you’ve got. Because every place has a culture and history all its own, and I’ve learned to make home the place where I am.


Head ’em up, and move ’em out!


One thought on “Oh the places you’ll go

  1. Cannot tell you how much I love that picture with the LHOTP hats! Or how envious I am of the hats, and the potential school for your girls!

    R Xx
    PS what decision was reached re the wedding dress?! X

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