The final countdown


20 days
74 black bin bags filled
£60 raised selling books and DVDs (we recommend
49 household items sold
16 trips to the recycling centre
5 charity shop drop offs (mostly late at night so they couldn’t turn anything down ;) )
4 boxes and…
2 suitcases packed and ready to ship.

We did it.

Granted, we’re shipping a little more than we aimed for, but still- we did it. I woke up today feeling incredibly relieved, and a little proud of our accomplishment. Because it seems like my mantra this past week has been, ‘WHY DO WE HAVE THIS MUCH STUFF???’

I mean, seriously, I still had some clothes which I wore in college. We had food in the cupboard which went out of date in 2009. In another one were 6 boxes of Christmas cards because I buy them every year and never get around to sending any. I emptied two drawers of travel-size toiletries- most of which I’ve consistently told myself were too nice to use and was saved for a special occasion. Really, how special does an occasion need to be to justify using soap?!

Which brings me to the three bottles above. To be fair, these bottles do have significance. One is the champagne we used to toast our engagement, one we drank at our wedding, and one on our 10th anniversary. But I found them in a box in our storage unit. Yup, we even paid money to store… stuff. They were not doing us any good there, and I realised that with the money we’ve spent on storage we could have had ‘the good stuff’ on a lot more occasions. But, as with many things, in the name of frugality we clung to the past instead of investing in the now.

I’m not saying that we should be more flippant with our money and things. But in the same box was an unopened bottle of vintage Bordeaux which was given to us as a gift years ago. We’ve packed it up and stored it in four different houses, and this week we decided it was finally time to enjoy it. We opened it, poured it… and discovered it was ‘corked.’ Undrinkable. We waited too long.

So ALL the bottles went in the bin, and we take with us yet another valuable lesson- drink the good stuff. Use the good soap. Don’t spend your time, money and energy storing up stuff which you aren’t going to enjoy. And have more special occasions.



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