It was a dark and stormy night. (Actually, it probably was.) Recently moved into the area, we were startled to hear a knock at the door at a pretty late hour. Upon answering it, we were even more startled. ‘I’ve just come from a church council meeting. I live around the corner, and the minister asked me to come by and offer to babysit,’ the angel announced. In the past year this woman has become a life saver many times over. This week alone she’ll be babysitting twice and has even offered to help us clean the house as we move out this weekend.

There have been many angels in my life- those who turn up just when you need them most to fill a gap which desperately needed filling. I have to confess that I’ve always been uncomfortable accepting favors from others because I can almost never repay them. The independent, self-sufficient streak in me doesn’t like balances to be uneven, debts to remain unpaid.

But the whole point of a favor is that the person offering it is in a place to provide what you can’t. Give time when you don’t have any, or offer a skill which you don’t possess. Be a support when your energy is waning. As a mum, as a youth worker, as a foreigner I’ve had to learn to appreciate the many gifts of time and help which have been offered over the years, and make my peace with the fact that I won’t be able to repay those individuals; however, I can use the gifts unique to me to be a blessing to others. In fact, it was the angels who emerged and guided me at the lowest point of my life who inspired me to go into ministry.

So to all the angels in my life- American, English, Scottish, South African… thanks. I’ll always owe you one.


2 thoughts on “Angels

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