Of birthdays and baubles


‘If one offered for love all the wealth of one’s house, it would be utterly scorned.’

-Song of Solomon 8:7

Last week we celebrated my husband’s birthday.  With only two weeks to go before we up sticks, we had to get creative with the usual traditions– and it’s of utmost importance to our 3-year-old that traditions are kept.

We attempted to make the day festive with Christmas decorations (which also gave them one last outing before they make their way to the charity shop).  B, said 3-year-old, decided we should go one step further and ‘decorate Daddy’…  and so woke herself up at 5 am with no other thought in her mind.  Meanwhile, I was maybe little bit over zealous in my ‘use up everything in the kitchen cupboards’ mentality when I made the cake.


Fortunately, it still tasted darn good!

Clearly the day was less than perfect- but I’ll bet it’s one of the most memorable ones we’ll ever have.  Which pretty much sums up our life together, when I think about it.  Recently I was chatting with a young person who, at the age of sixteen, reflected, ‘My life is just not turning out how I pictured it.’  I think my response was something like: ‘Honey, that doesn’t change when you get to be 35.’

There’s not a lot about our life that resembles my 20-something, Martha Stewart-like visions of adulthood.  And I can trace the path which brought me here to two of the quickest, most daring decisions I ever made- to study in England, and to go on a date with a outgoing, good-looking guy who I found intriguing (that’s my husband, by the way.  Just to clarify).  Allowing myself to step into the realm of things, people, places I don’t always understand has taught me the joy of discovering new things, appreciating new people (something which, for most of my life, I found terrifying), and seeing the world through different eyes.  My life is so not how I pictured it.  Sometimes that freaks me out, but most of the time, it still tastes pretty darn good.

So a belated, unconventional Happy Birthday to the man who I blame for all this helps make my life a daily adventure.   I have no idea I what’s next for us, but I can’t wait to find out.


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