Let’s play a game

Today’s post requires a little audience participation.

We’ve now sold most of our furniture, knick-knacks and practical items have gone at a car boot sale, and we’re on to all the miscellaneous and unique things make our home, well, ours. Most things I’m very happy to re-home, but with the particular items below I’ve reached an impasse.

The options are:

  • Ship. Put it in the suitcase, baby!
  • Store. (We have a little storage in a loft available.)
  • Sell. Or give away. Either way, pass it on!
  • Scrap. Put it in the bin, baby!

Here’s what we’ve got:

The drum. It only cost us 75p, but it’s provided hours of entertainment. However, it is a little bulky.

The vintage children’s books that I’ve been collecting for years. Ironically, I now almost have children old enough to enjoy them.

Decorative candles, each a gift from our travels. Pretty, meaningful, heavy.

My seashell collection that I started as a child- however, now it mostly collects dust.

And the big ticket item… the wedding dress. I still love it, but let’s face it- I’m never going to wear it again. Every time I look at this picture I think, ‘That train was a logistical nightmare.’

So, I’m going to say something you don’t hear very often… opinions welcome! What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Let’s play a game

  1. Perhaps I can offer maybe one more option to your decision tree: shipment via parcel post to an agreeable temporary home in the US, i.e. friend or family. Feel fairly sure people who care about you (even second cousins) will be happy to host your treasures of the heart until you have a place to hold them again.

  2. Ok,initial thoughts based on having been through this a couple of times myself lately ….
    – Drum: give it away: a wonderful blessing whilst you’ve had it but you have photos to keep the memory special and now you can pass the blessing on. And they’ll be other musical intruments to play…
    – Books: give away the copies you can easily come across somewhere else (eg Pride and Prejudice) and ship the ones you’ve only seen once in your lifetime.
    – Candles: burn at every opportunity whilst you’re still here eg Saturday morning breakfast, romantic Friday night take aways etc etc, thus enjoying the memories that they bring back from your travels but rejoicing in the new travels you’re about to embark upon!
    – Shells: ditch the container and wrap up in bubble wrap and ship. They’re light, won’t take up too much room. Gotta keep a few childhood treasures cos your girls will love playing with them and then adding to them too!
    – Wedding dress: tricky…. your girls will never forgive you if you don’t keep it esp for them to play with! I always thought I would cut mine up and make a quilt or two to hand down to the girls but I guess you don’t have time for that now. So not sure I’m being very helpful with this one. Hope really likes it so her vote is you keep it. You can always bring it up here, I’ll keep it and then when we come visit I’ll bring it in a suitcase which I can then fill with lovely American stuff to bring home….
    Hope this is some help but if not, it’s been fun anyway! Loving your writings … thank you! xo

  3. Drum – give away, I’m sure you’ll find something equally loud and inexpensive over there (pan with a ribbon on if nothing else!)
    Books – SHIP! (or give to me to ‘store’s, I promise you’d get them back ;-) )
    Candles – burn and enjoy! Rake pics of them burning, lovely atmospheric ones.
    Shells – bubble wrap (or pack in socks) and ship… Who knows what shells you’ll be able to add.
    Dress – ship, ship, ship. Much as I’d love to be all practical about this one I’d be being an utter hypocrite and think it’s the kind of thing you might kick yourself about in the future (or B or S would kick you for depriving them of the opportunity to see/try on/hear story of etc).

    Those are my thoughts, do with as you wish!
    Loving the blog!Xxx

  4. Thanks you guys for your helpful thoughts! As you well know, we found homes for everything on the list. The drum and candles have gone on to bless others, the shells and some of the books are coming with us. You’ll be pleased to know that the wedding dress will be stored in C’s parents’ loft for the time being. :)

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