Setting free


We have five bookcases full of books. Literally hundreds.

Some of them are old friends. Years ago, in an attempt to balance out my love for reading with my limited budget, I decided to only buy books which are secondhand. It’s been a lot of fun and the result is a serendipitous collection on my shelves. I haven’t read many best sellers, and the books I’ve kept are pretty unique. My favourite is a copy of A Tale Of Two Cities with the inscription, beautifully handwritten, ‘To Betty, with love from Michael. Xmas 1947.’ I don’t mind parting with these ones so much- each of them are on their own journey, and it was a pleasure to make them welcome in my home for a short time.

However, many of our books were bought when we were naive college students (before someone told us that you don’t have to get every book on the professor’s recommended reading list). We’ve schlepped boxes and boxes of books, mostly about theology and biblical studies, to each of the five places we’ve lived- where the majority of them sat and collected dust. I’ve found it hard to part with these books because, I guess you could say I have an unrequited love for them. I meant to read them all. I just never did.

So I was overjoyed when, as with a surprising number of things on this journey, the perfect solution came about. A couple at our church- who never cease to be an inspiration to me and many others- have been serving, praying for, and supporting churches in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands for many years. On a recent visit to a college for ministerial students they noticed that the library seriously needed updating, and have made it their mission to try and help. Like I said, these two are pretty amazing.

So as I write this, the theology books are on their way to the Rarongo School of Theology and Mission in Papua New Guinea. They will be read. They will, I hope, be loved. But most importantly, they will help people love others. For once, I couldn’t be more pleased to say goodbye.

If you have theology and ministry books sitting on your shelves which could help the school too and would like to contribute, or you’d like to donate to the cost of shipping and purchasing some much-needed new books, leave a comment below and I’ll put you in touch.

Or why not find a local charity, library, after-school programme- or whatever catches your heart- to donate your unused books to. If you do, please come back and tell me about it! Lets set our books loose and see what happens. :)


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