Hello Summer!


Seven weeks ago at a routine pre-natal doctors appointment, I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with alarmingly high blood pressure. I felt fine. I had no idea that I was actually in a lot of danger, and so my biggest concern was how I was going to get anything done when my car was in a different town, my daughter was in another, and my husband was at a meeting in Wales.

Six weeks ago today, our daughter Summer was born. In England summer doesn’t happen every year. Yes we have June, July and August, but whether or not they feel just like December is up to the fates (or the jet stream, if you want to split hairs about it) to decide. When we get summer, it’s an unexpected blessing. Which is why we thought it a fitting name for our daughter; having been told years ago by doctors that we would probably never have children, a second one is truly an unexpected blessing. And when Summer arrived with a knot in her umbilical cord, a doctor in the room quietly exclaimed, ‘Someone really wanted this baby to be here.’

Five weeks ago my husband, who is rapidly facing redundancy, was flown to Missouri for a conversation about a job. Who contemplates a new job and continental move when they have a 1-week-old baby? Seriously, who does that??

Apparently we do. And so does God. While I was lying in a hospital bed with nothing better to do than try and lower my own blood pressure and try NOT to hear what was going on behind the curtains around me, I was reminded once again of how very little about life is within our control. Years ago as an idealistic ministry student, I made a promise to God that I would go where He sent me. I pictured Africa, and I got England- and now Missouri! But our God who, I think, takes great pleasure in doing the impossible has given me many, many unexpected blessings along the way. So I’m reminding myself- sometimes hourly these days- to take the known and the unknown and keep walking forward. I can’t help but feel that in the end it won’t be what I pictured or planned, but it will be ok. Everything else has been.

Of course, the year I finally decide I’ve had enough the depressing weather, we have one of the most glorious summers in British history. Here’s to unexpected blessings.


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