A Fond Farewell


I’m really good at saying goodbye, so it’s probably very fitting that I start a blog with one.

I came to England with two suitcases. A student at the time, my plan was to stay for a semester and then return home to California to graduate. In the end, I’ve stayed for twelve years. (I did, however, graduate.) During that time I got married, possibly the one person I’ve managed to never say goodbye to. I’ve lived in 5 different places, had 8 jobs and 2 kids. I’m great at leaving- and terrible at staying in touch.

There are probably a lot of psychological and spiritual reasons as to why that is. I’m a big fan of self improvement so Ive spent a lot of time pondering it. But very soon my family and I will be packing up and moving again, this time across the Atlantic to a big unknown and, hopefully, a big adventure. And one thing I know with surprising certainty- this one’s going to be hard.

Uprooting myself has always been easy; asking my husband and daughters to do it- not so much. I sense that this is going to be a spiritual and emotional journey just as much as it is a physical one, and this blog will be a place for me to speak my thoughts- to commemorate the moments that are important, and to say a ‘proper’ goodbye to the things which deserve at least that much.

We have 20 days to decide what to do with all we own before the big Goodbye. Know what each of us can take with us? Two suitcases.

Here goes.


6 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell

  1. Time has gone by so quickly I remember when you first came to Manchester, your time at NTC, meeting Carl, your wonderful wedding. You are right you are not good at keeping touch, but then none of us do as much as we should to keep contact. I have followed you and Carl’s life through Facebook and have delighted in cherished milestones. I am sure there will be many replies on your blog from people like me who have been out of touch. However, we all love one another with the same love Christ has for us and you are prayed for and thought of regularly. This next season of your lives will bring much joy and great Glory to the King of Kings. God will remember your sacrifice and reward you beyond your capacity to imagine. I believe you will be blessed beyond measure as you step out in obedience. Tom and I send you our love and look forward to hearing and reading about the next chapter in your lives. Xxxx. Marian

    • Marian, thank you for your beautiful comment. It truly warmed my heart and my week. Let’s do better at keeping in touch! :)

  2. You made me cry!! My friend, when I went to the ‘Emerging Leaders’ conference, we were asked to take three things that said ‘something’ about ourselves. One of my items was a glue stick. You’re stuck with me, we’re sticky, we’re staying in touch xxx

  3. Rachel, As Mark is currently yelling ‘ain gack’ at me all I can say is wow, will keep praying, and will no doubt keep being inspired by you!
    Enjoy the adventure God is keeping ahead of you!
    Love, Ruth Xxx
    PS train track!

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